Cegid Innovation Store

What is the Cegid Innovation Store?

Want to find out how to digitize your stores with smart, connected devices to provide a unified customer experience across channels?

Visit the Cegid Innovation Store, a full-size concept store featuring cutting-edge retail solutions, and discover what a seamless, omnichannel shopping journey really looks like.

Shop and backstore innovations

With the Cegid Innovation Store, our goal is to inspire retailers to reinvent the in-store experience by delivering outstanding connected shopping journeys.

Come discover the possibilities offered by new technology to enhance the customer experience, including: personalized service with mobile devices, product promotion with virtual reality, stock optimization with RFID, queue busting with digital payment, and customer loyalty with social rewards, and much more!

We’ve carefully selected the innovations showcased so you can get a primer on the best in new retail tech all under one roof. Developed in collaboration with more than 25 partners, the applications on display are fully integrated with our Cegid Retail unified commerce platform.
Ready to take your retail organization to the next level?

Who should visit the Cegid Innovation Store?

Visiting the Cegid Innovation Store is a must for retail brands and professionals who want to stay ahead of the competition, reinvent the customer experience and never miss a sale!

Whether you’re a CEO, CIO, CDO, or Retail Operations Director: don’t miss out on discovering this brand-new store concept!

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Practical Information

Cegid Innovation Store
52 quai Paul Sédallian
69009 Lyon, France

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